Upcyled Vintage Dyed Ghost Bride Victorian Gown Each Piece one of a Kind!


This is a very unique item we offer. Please read our description FULLY before ordering.

These gowns are ONE OF A KIND PIECES.

NO TWO WILL EVER BE ALIKE. We have included photos of gowns we have made in the past as examples.

The gowns are made from vintage wedding gowns from the 60s-80's. Gowns are Victorian in style.

We take the gown and hand dye it shades of ghostly grays.
We then rework or redo the trims and craft them into a ghosty gothic bride creation.

Each gown is haunting and lovely.

PLEASE BE AWARE: When you place your order you will be getting a UNIQUE piece. We can not exactly reproduce any gown in these photos.

What we will guarantee you will get is this:

A) A gown in the correct size you specify.
B) A hand-dyed creation
C) All gowns will reflect VICTORIAN stylings and be GENUINE vintage gowns (most will have high collars and sheer yokes between the collar and the bust if you DONT want this let us know and we will try and accomodate you)
D) All gowns will have some sort of trim, Lace, or ruffles to make them stand out.

Each gown is it's own work of art. It is up to us to make the final piece however you can send us suggestions if you want something specific and we will TRY to find a vintage gown that comes closest to that to work with. SLEEVE LENGTH/STYLE WILL BE DETERMINED BY US, gowns are all found at vintage dealers and estate sales so we cant be overly picky about small details, you can always have it altered later.

VINTAGE GOWNS RUN SMALL. We would love to be able to offer these in all sizes but we can only offer Xtra-SMALL, SMALL, MED, and LARGE (see size chart below) comfortably at this time. If you need something in a larger size please email us and we can start the search for a piece in your size that might work.

Please be aware that vintage gowns while wearable are delicate and need to be treated with the care any special or high end garment would be treated with. We are not responsible for you ripping or damaging your gown once it is out of our possession.

XTRA-SMALL: Busts of 28-31, Waists of 22-24, Hips of 29-32
SMALL: Busts of 30-33 Waists of 24-26, Hips of 31-34
MEDIUM: Busts of 34-36, Waists of 27-28, Hips of 35-37
LARGE: Busts of 37-38 Waists of 28-31, Hips of 36-39