Curvy Girl Underbust Corset


Our hand-made corsets are made by designer Tracy Robertson and her small team of sewers directly from our small studio in the USA. Hours of work go into each piece to give you a quality corset at an affordable price for handmade.

Ever tried to buy an off the rack sized corset and found that they just don't fit your curves right but you just don't have the extra cash to always buy a custom sized corset? We understand that problem, often times off the rack sized corsets are just sized too "straight" (not enough size difference between the underbust, waist, and hip measurements). That's why we decided to make an affordable off the rack style that caters more to people with hourglass or curvier figures.

Introducing the Curvy Girl Underbust. This style offers a greater underbust/waist/hip ratio than standard off the rack sizes. We understand this style of corset might not suit every figure, it's especially for our curvier clients or those of you with more waist "squish", so please see the full size chart explained below when ordering as it is not the same as our standard corset sizing.

We offer this corset in waist sizes 20-34 in variety of materials with a option to add contrasting trim and binding for no additional price mark-up. This corset features 1/4 inch steel boning on each seam and by the grommets and busk, a flat steel busk, waist tape and bi-directional back lacing. Corsets are fully lined with heavy cotton and interlined for strength. Corsets are gently curved (almost straight) across the underbust and hips to give maximum control and none of that "overhang" and "under pooch" that pointed styles can give curvier figures.

Finished garments feature a 11 inch front busk and are about 12 inches tall from top to bottom. This height suits people of most normal heights. If you are extremely long torso-ed or extremely petite inquire about us custom sizing this corset for you for an additional fee (just email us). If you choose the trim option trim will not only go around the binding and down each seam but will also curve over the hips with a hip gusset trim (curved hip piece with trim following the curve) which highlights your curves even more.

We think you'll enjoy this corset as much as we do!

Pictured is Hot Pink Satin with Light Pink Satin Binding and Trim.

Corsets are meant to cinch 4-6 inches and can accommodate up to 8-12 inch waist to hip difference and a 6-8 inch waist to underbust difference (our normal off the rack sizing allows for a 4-6 inch difference from the underbust to waist and a 4-8 inch difference from the waist to hips). As so not to confuse what I mean by waist to underbust and waist to hip ratio let me give you and example. A Standard sized person might be said to have a natural measurements of underbust measurement 32, waist of 28, hip of 36. That's four inches in difference between the waist and the underbust and 8 inches between the waist and the hip. But curvier girls might have the same waist size but measurements more like this: underbust 34, waist 28, hip 40, which would make off the rack standard sizing hard to fit, but they would be ideal for our cuvry girl off the rack sizing. If you have any questions regarding if this style is right for you please contact us, we'd be happy to answer them for you.

You may choose from any size below:

Size Chart
(measurements are of finished garment when fully cinched closed, order corset 4-6 inches smaller than your natural waist measurement)
Size 20: Underbust 31, waist 20, hip 32
Size 22: Underbust 32, waist 22, hip 34
Size 24: Underbust 33, waist 24, hip 36
Size 26: Underbust 34, waist 26, hip 38
Size 28: Underbust 35, waist 28, hip 41
Size 30: Underbust 36, waist 30, hip 42
Size 32: Underbust 37, waist 32, hip 44
Size 34: Underbust 38, waist 34, hip 46

Material/Trim Options:
White Satin
Baby Pink Satin(shown)
Hot Pink Satin (Shown)
Red Satin
Purple Satin
Black Satin

We will contact you for your color choice once your order is place so please leave a valid email addy.

Corsets are not in stock, we make it when you order it.

If you would like this corset custom sized we can do that for an additional fee, please choose the option below when ordering.

Our items usually take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to be made and shipped, depending on our workload, during the holidays or very busy seasons it might take a bit longer though. It is always best to check with us first if you need a piece by a certain date.