Blood Countess Gown


This is exclusive and exquisite gown is one of the most elaborate time consuming custom gowns we make. The gown is inspired by The Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory. We've fused Elizabethan and modern elements to make a gown that is wearable today but echoes times past.

This gown is made of your choice of rich high quality satin or silk dupioni (upcharge for silk).

There are over 13 yards of fabric in this gown. The gown consists of a renaissance styled corseted bodice with an attached skirt. The bodice is fully steel boned. Bodice is made in renaissance style which is flat fronted with uplifted cleavage. The bodice has an attached overskirt and underskirt, both of which have been hand gathered to it. The bodice is trimmed along the neckline with hand pleated trim. The most striking feature of this gown is the bodice detail. A hand beaded fire cut czech glass blood red cross adorns the front of the bodice. The same beads drape delicately across the arms, these beads are hand strung with heavy fishing line for stability. The gown laces up the back with satin ribbon, the dress has a modesty panel to cover any skin. This dress can cinch you in just as a real corset does about 2-4 inches.

The gown is best worn over a large renaissance style hoop skirt that holds it out dramatically (not included). Looks good over A-line petticoats as well for a less full look.

This gown is a unique one of a kind piece, no two gowns ever come out exactly the same, and each one takes a long time to create. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

We can make this gown in other color combos or with other beading colors, just message us!

We can also put extra details on your gown such as tucking and gathering the overskirt to look like a bustle. Please be aware that any changes incur an extra fee, email us with any added details/changing before placing your order for a price qoute.

Gowns are custom sized to your measurements, upon placing order you will be contacted by us with the list of needed measurements.

Gown is available in the following colors:

Black Satin with Red Beading (shown)
White Satin with Red Beading

Silk (+$100):
Black Silk with Red Beading
White Silk With Red Beading

We are NOT responsible for ship times of international orders once they leave our country.