Custom Work

1) Full Custom: We would be glad to listen to your ideas of a custom from scratch design and work with you to make that design a reality. This is the thing we love the most! We have had YEARS of custom design experience. Please be aware we reserve the right to turn down custom work if we feel it is not a project that meshes with our style or if it is something we feel beyond our reach. Also be aware we will NOT directly copy ANY work of another designer. All full custom work has a NON REFUNDABLE deposit, agreeing to a final design is a contract stating that you realize our terms. Most refunds will only be given in the amount of half of the final price if there is no agreed 1st deposit amount. Please understand custom work is made to your exact specs and is not easy to resell. We have the contract to protect both us and you.

2) Adding Custom Elements: We would be glad to custom size or add custom elements to almost ANY existing design in our catalog. Like a dress but want a different fabric? Want to add a trim to something? Just ask!