About Us/FAQ

Who Are We?
Azrael's Accomplice Designs are makers of lovely well made Gothic, Fantasy, Steampunk, and Historical Inspired clothing. Our wares are designed by designer Tracy Robertson aka "Batty". Established in 1996 and still going strong!

Why This Store?
This is our online catalog, we strongly believe in having one's own web presence and not relying soley on auction sites (although we do use them). You will find our FULL catalog here and no where else.

Where are our items made?
Most of our items (and all the custom sized ones) are made between Tracy's home studio in Fort Worth Tx, and our sewing studio in Iuka, Mississippi. We contract out a few of our ready to wear pieces elsewhere. Tracy personally drafts the pattern and size specs and oversees the initial design process for all of our items.
All of our "Handmade Corsets" are completly bespoke. Meaning they are lovingly made by hand by Tracy or one of her dedicated seamstresses, right down from the pattern to the final stitch each corset is carefully made just for you.

How long does it take to make your items? Do you do rush orders?
Make times are started on each item. However PLEASE BE AWARE, we are a SMALL business. We are NOT a large overseas factory. Our handmade items take TIME to make. Make times may run a bit over stated times. PLEASE if you need something by a certain date check with us 1st! We DO NOT do rush orders due to the custom nature of most of our items.

Where do we ship?
We ship worldwide. Rates are calculated at checkout.

Why are some of your items more expensive than others?
Please understand that unlike large factories our items are mostly made by hand. This require hours of work. We use the best materials for each price point. The price points reflect this. We try to offer some off the rack sized lower priced items as well as our higher priced custom items. When you order custom from us you are getting a item made in the USA by skilled workers not something mass produced. We think the work and love that goes into each item is well worth the prices we offer which are still lower than many other sellers of fantasy clothing.

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